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Marquetry Pictures

These pictures are made, by hand, in Mexico. Many depict Mexican mythology but others include game boards, still life, religious pictures, birds and animals.


Click on any picture to see a larger image and some notes.

Don Quixote

Size: 50 x 60 cm     Price: 74.95

Still Life with Melon

Size: 58 x 48      Price: 64.95

elvaliente-sm.jpg (22242 bytes)

El Valiente

Size: 69 x 59 cm     Price: 129.95


Legend of the Volcanoes

Click on picture for a series of four pictures depicting the Mexican legend


conquestofmexico-sm.jpg (25982 bytes)

Conquest of Mexico

Size: 48 x 58 cm     Price: 99.95


rayando-sm.jpg (23102 bytes)


Size: 49 x 59 cm     Price: 99.95



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