Legend of the Volcanoes

A series of pictures depicting the Mexican legend.


POPOCATEPETL was an Aztec prince who had to go away to fight. His fiance IZTACIAUATL heard that he had been killed and died of a broken heart. But he was not dead. He came back, and found her, picked up her body and walked.  He was so sad that he tried to shoot the sun with his bow and arrows to put out the light. He continued walking until he could no longer move. The snow covered them both and formed the shape of the VOLCANOES as they are now (about 40 miles outside of Mexico City).

indianlove-sm.jpg (27159 bytes)

Indian Love

Size:   48 x 58 cm     Price: 95.95


Aztec Grandeur-sm.jpg (26380 bytes)

Aztec Grandeur

Size:   48 x 63 cm         Price 99.95


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Archer of the Sun

Size:  40 x 50 cm        Price: 89.95

Legend of the Volcanoes

Size:  50 x 40 cm         Price: 89.95


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Live web cam of Popocatepetl (you can often see it smoking)