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daysoff Guide to Essex - The Humour Archive page

daysoff Guide to Essex - The Humour Archive page



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Clean humour


Adverts and parodies

Aussie toilet paper (2.2Mb wmv) Breakfast (2.98 Mb wmv) Nokia - Cat in Ceiling Fan (1.91 Mb mpeg) D&B glasses (899 Kb wmv)
JC the musical (2.50 Mb wmv) Mootrix (2.81 Mb wmv) Window cleaner (1.69 Mb wmv) Speeding saves lives (790 Kb wmv)
Wrong gift again (1.19 Mb wmv) Yorkshire Airlines (6.07 Mb wmv) Slipper socks (2.27 Mb mpg) Lynx (586 Kb mpg)
Citroen 2CV (2.28 Mb wmv) John West - Getting Salmon (1.42 Mb mpg) Hamlet Ferrari (1.43 Mb mpg) Boxer (2.34 Mb mpeg)
Blaupunkt (2.43 Mb mpg) De Walt drill (888 Kb mpg) Hamster (1.402 Mb mpg) The Trotters (413 Kb pps)
Various Ads clean 1 (723 Kb pps) By the pool - Hahn (3.86 Mb mpa) Ford Ka 1 (1.00 Mb mpg) Ford Ka 2 (1.07 Mb mpg)
Don't Judge 1 (1.20 Mb wmv) Don't Judge 2 (1.38 Mb wmv) Don't Judge 3 (1.37 Mb wmv) Seat Belts (831 Kb wmv)
Heineken 1 (3.73 Mb mpg) BMW M5 (10.49 Mb mpg) Toyota (2.76 Mb mpeg) Japp ad with Porsche 911 (1.95 Mb mpeg)
Bud - Baby Wassup (1.29 Mb wmv) Bud - Saddam etc (5.04 Mb mpeg) Bud - Wazzup Granmas (1.38 Mb mpg) Bud Lite - Bedroom (463 Kb wmv)
Bud Lite - Dog (2.26 Mb mpg) Bud - Snowfight (2.46 Mb mpg) Bud - Good Dog (1.37 Mb asf) Bud - Nude Ferret (4.18 Mb mpeg)
Pepsi vs Coke 1 (1.12 Mb mpg) Pepsi - Kylie Minogue (10.27 Mb mpg) Nike - Football at Aiport (6.00 Mb mpeg) Better be Pepsi (2.24 Mb wmv)
Nice one Squirrel (1.77 Mb wmv) Bud - Parrots (1.24 Mb wmv) Bud - Cockatoo (1.79 Mb wmv) Married too Long (738 Kb wmv)
Elastic Band (1.42 Mb wmv) Coffee Cup Holder (1.34 Mb mpeg) Insurance (1.42 Mb asf) Strip Poker (1.54 Mb wmv)
Phone (2.86 Mb wmv)      



Last photo of my cat (91 Kb pps) Bear (1.92 Mb wmv) Golf and seagull (608 Kb wmv) Blond gazelle (621 Kb wmv)
Bullfight (1.70 Mb wmv) Friday vs Monday (780 Kb wmv) Home alone (1.58 Mb wmv) Monkey joke (1.53 Mb wmv)
Morning after (1.46 Mb wmv) New mouse (713 Kb wmv) The lion sleeps tonight (1.8 Mb wmv) Cat slap (4.13 Mb mpg)
Granny and dog (922 Kb mpg) Sumo vs karate (1.73 Mb mpg) New Orleans Croc (124 Kb doc) Stress (66 Kb doc)
Dangerous Snake (6 Kb htm) Dog Fancy Dress (587 Kb pps) Dogs (737 Kb pps) Real cause of Global Warming (114 Kb gif)
Dog in Pool (2.84 Mb wmv) Irish Discovered Africa (2.2) Mb wmv) Fishing the Hard Way (3.19 Mb wmv) A Shark's Love (1.11 Mb pps)
Watch a Panda Grow (491 Kb pps) Doggies (2.59 Mb wmv) Animal Pictures 1(1.79 Mb pps) Animal Pictures 2 (1.45 Mb pps)
Dog Fancy Dress 2 (455 Kb pps)      


Driving and Transport

Women's driving (453 Kb pps) Ferrari (142 Kb pps) Chicken (556 Kb pps) Horse (144 Kb pps)
Bus lanes (3.55 Mb wmv) Drink driving (902 Kb wmv) Petrol station (1.40 Mb wmv) Granny air bag (963 Mb wmv)
Liverpool? (262 Kb wmv) Air show (135 Kb wmv) Neat parking (428 Kb wmv) Trunk monkey (1.00 Mb wmv)
Baby Grand Prix (1.42 Mb mpg) Spare steering wheel (2.77 Mb mpg) Paint jobs etc (407 Kb pps) Silver Audi (398 Kb pps)
Michelin's new Wheels (549 Kb pps) Car Things 1 (1.12 Mb pps) Indian Traffic (2.90 Mb wmv) Bad Morning (1.51 Mb wmv)
Roof Top Riding (2.00 Mb wmv) Loose Wheel (1.73 Mb wmv) Squirrels (1.95 Mb wmv) Balloons (124 Kb jpg)
Mercedes Benz (463 Kb pps) Lucky Guy (750Kb pps) Limos (790Kb pps) Blonde's Accident (507Kb pps)
Waste of Beer (231 Kb jpg) I don't need Lessons (1.95 Mb wmv) How to avoid Road Rage (1.6 Mb asf) New Seat Belt Design (74 Kb gif)
Pedestrian Ping Pong (595 Kb mpg) Low Flying (1.26 Mb wmv) Senior Driver (4.80 Mb wmv) Moscow Subway (2.97 Mb pps)
Alarm Clock Problem (968 Kb wmv) Handbrake !! (2.05 Mb wmv) Russian Tunnel (1.91 Mb wmv) Police - Flood (3.80 Mb wmv)
Earthquake (208 Kb wmv) Autoroute Crash (2.01 Mb wmv) Bumpy Landing (338 Kb wmv) Bangkok Train (845 Kb wmv)



Essex Calendar (1.47 Mb pps) Chavs (1.27 Mb pps)  Chav Crimbo (1.99 Mb pps) Pride of Essex (512 Kb doc)


Fluffy stuff

Camel (1.50 Mb pps) Animals (594 Kb pps) Mostly animals (1.83 Mb pps) More animals (311 Kb pps)
Prescription girly stuff  (667 Kb pps) Skeleton (2.52 Mb wmv) Cat Massages Dog (1.20 Mb wmv) Good Philosophy (493 Kb pps)
Hang in there (1.98 Mb pps) The Simple Life (3.07 Mb pps) To My Friend (300 Kb pps) Mostly Kids (374 Kb pps)
Cats of all Sizes (684 Kb pps) For Hoff Fans (409 Kb pps) Happy Life (529 Kb pps) Had a kiss today? (296 Kb pps)
Food Humour (335 Kb doc) Evil Eye (4.01 Mb wmv)    


Games etc

Quiz - Map of Europe (177 Kb pps) Turkey Shoot (251 Kb pps) Tetris (71 Kb xls) Sudoku (283 Kb xls)
Splat Pam (309 Kb exe) Sonic (1.53 Mb xls) Phil (660 Kb exe) Pacman (106 Kb xls)
Golf (304 Kb xls) Frog Leap (260 Kb xls)    



Dangerous road (777 Kb pps) Japanese indoor beach (419 Kb pps) Theme park (488 Kb pps) Pumpkin face (1.71 Mb pps)
Health and Safety (420 Kb pps) Ronaldiniho's pad (1.65 Mb pps) Optical Illusions 1 (859 Kb pps) Optical Illusion 2 (40 Kb pps)
Unusual (1.39 Mb pps) Curious (690 Kb pps) Runaway (7.14 Mb wmv) Pole dancer? (1.1 Mb wmv)
Skydiving granny (1.26 Mb wmv) Why am I single (813 Kb pps) Take a Hike (2.00 Mb pps) Watching You (162 Kb pps)
Dustmen (4.28 Mb mpg) Short vacation (339 Kb mpg) Random funnies (1.25 Mb pps) Worse job than yours (431 Kb pps)
Only in .... (573 Kb pps) Bachelor pad (448 Kb pps) Pavement artist 1 (845 Kb pps) Pavement artist 2 (485 Kb pps)
Goggles (463 Kb xls) Yoga (176 Kb pps) Italian time (1.9 Mb wmv) Cartoons 1 (533 Kb pps)
Best of ... (2.89 Mb wmv) Hand Baggage (2.35 Mb mpeg) Fruitcake Lady (2.68 Mb wmv) Girl in a Bar (2.06 Mb wmv)
Inner Peace (132 Kb pdf) Microwave Magic (4.54 Mb wmv) Random Funnies 2 (759 Kb pps) We're Not in Trouble (947 Kb pps)
Pole Dancer 2 (1.00 Mb wmv) Junior Jackass (2.68 Mb wmv) Terrorist Attack (94 Kb pdf) Health and Safety 2 (816 Kb pps)
Optical Illusions 3 (694 Kb pps) Test for Dementia (26 Kb doc) Pool Life Guard (1.12 Mb wmv) Skirts (111 Kb doc)
Forty Years Left (2 Kb htm) Japanese Knickers (108 Kb doc) Letters to the Council (4 Kb htm) Stress Test (66 Kb doc)
Blonde to Melbourne (4 Kb htm) 1000 Words (1.22 Mb pps) Comparisons (342 Kb pps) Random Funnies 3 (1.55 Mb pps)
Stick Men (298 Kb pps) 1000 Word -2 (280 Kb pps) Japanese inventions (368 Kb pps) Optical Illusions 4 (515 Kb pps)
Exercise (519 Kb pps) Thin or Thinner (323 Kb pps) Signs Clean 1 (445 Kb pps) Signs Clean 2 (654 Kb pps)
Signs Clean 3 (412 Kb pps) Bored in the Office (741 Kb mpg) It Happened in Church (2.73 Mb wmv) Healthy Lifestyle (323 Kb pps)
First Dance (4.94 Mb wmv) Dentist (5.96 Mb wmv) Dentist Negotiations (7.13 Mb wmv) BBQ Party (873 Kb pps)
Silly Inventions (549 Kb pps) Random Funnies 5 (732 Kb pps) Middle Aged Women (2.80 Mb wmv) Govt. LSD Test (4.23 Mb wmv)
Underwater Birth (86 Kb pps) On the Beach - China (1.32 Mb pps) Food Jokes (20 Kb doc) Fun Pics (2.64 Mb pps)
Signs Clean 4 (701 Kb pps)      



Engrish (768 Kb pps) Did they mean that? (565 Kb pps)  Signs clean 1 (250 Kb pps) Birmingham Rhapsody (765 Kb xls)
Signs clean 2 (723 Kb pps) Wrong Name (2 Kb htm)    



Do it today (529 Mb pps) Pretty blue planet (1.24 Mb pps) Censored by MTV (326 Kb pps) As I Mature (185 Kb jpg)
Zen - thoughts (24 Kb doc) Charles Schultz (123 Kb doc) Totem Tantra (304 Kb pps)  


Photography, Art etc

Spectacular (529 Kb pps) Computer manipulated (692 Kb pps) Fun pics (1.26 Mb pps)  My last photo (384 Kb pps)
Close to Death (466 Kb pps) Space Shots (1.98 Mb pps) Burma (260 Kb pps) Cool Art (515 Kb pps)
Best Photos 2007 (651 Kb pps) One Piece of Paper (437 Kb pps) Love 2008 (4.07 Mb wmv) Elements (1.77 Mb pps)
Twin Towers 9/11 (5.01 Mb pps) Satellite Shots (1.69 Mb pps) Vegetable Art (508 Kb pps)  


Four parachutes (713 Kb pps) Bush and Condie (4.19 Mb wmv) US Marines (2.49 Mb wmv) Non PC Jail (5 Kb htm)
Star Trek Question (3 Kb htm) Israeli Ambassador (3 Kb htm) Digital Editing (1.62 Mb pps)  



Valentines - Love (92 Kb pps) Xmas - Rocking Santa (770 Kb pps) Christmas card (472 Kb exe) Vodka Xmas Cake (276 Kb doc)
Mistake (3.52 Mb wmv) Xmas Presents (1.23 Mb xls) Halloween Circuit (536 Kb pps)  



Women more attractive (217 Kb pps) Women live longer (341 Kb pps) Two hands (605 b pps) Shopping with PMT (587 Kb asf)
The handbag (2.02 Mb wmv) The ugly one (1.79 Mb wmv) For the Ladies 1 (999 Kbb pps) For the Ladies 2 (306 kb pps)
Sex of a Fly (183 Kb doc) Too Many Butties (1.71 Mb wmv) Strip by numbers (995 Kb pps) Secretary (1.81 Mb wmv)
Pregnancy etc (22 Kb doc) Five Secrets (2 Kb htm) Sex Equality (2Kb htm) Geography of a woman (2 Kb htm)
Scotch and Water (2 Kb htm) Man of the House (2 Kb htm) Man of the Year (231 Kb pps) Middle Aged Women (2.80 Mb wmv)
Man 'Flu (3.47 Mb wmv) Beer Belly (933 Kb gif)    



Body building !! (1.31 Mb pps) Football (260 Mb pps) Kick boxing break (729 Kb mpg) Billiard Dominos (3.36 Mb wmv)
Footballer's Payslip (1.66 Mb pps)      


Technical & Technology

Outsourcing (4.04 Mb wmv) Wonder of MS Word (216Kb doc) Chat room (56Kb jpg) Northern Word (56 Kb doc)
Geordie Win 2000 (89 Kb gif) Understanding PCs (63 Kb jpg) Upset computer (5 Kb gif) The Wonder of Word (216 Kb doc)
NHS Announcement (26 Kb doc) Engineers Needed (61 Kb jpg) Irish Virus (39 Kb gif) Blond's Hardcopy (15 Kb jpg)
Skywalk (1.73 Mb pps) Bill Gates - Win 98 Crash (2.50 Mb mpeg) Word Doc Video (2.13 Mb doc)  



Cold snap (599 Kb pps) Shiver (1.50 Mb pps) Weather pictures (413 Kb pps) Cold Snap 2 (1.06 Mb pps)



People (564 Kb pps) Japanese inventions (368 Kb pps) Spooky (254 Kb pps) Motorised (1.35 Mb pps)
Cyril Teleportation (1.94 Mb wmv) Mozart on skates (1.16 Mb wmv)  Head rush (962 Kb mpg) Picture first (397 Kb doc)
Knitting for Psychopaths (374 Kb pps) Observation (123 Kb doc) Forget David Blaine (4.40 Mb wmv) Scary Bodies (2.71 Mb pps)
Magic (3.65 Mb wmv) 20 Dollar Bill (158 Kb doc)