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Where to stay in Witham or within a 10 minute drive.


Feering Travel Lodge, The London Rd, Feering 01376-572848
Five Lakes Hotel, Golf, Country Club Colchester Rd, Tolleshunt Knights, Maldon 01621-868888
Holiday Inn Express Galleys Corner, Cressing Rd, Braintree 01376-551141
Jarvis Rivenhall Hotel London Rd, Rivenhall 01376-516969
Marks Tey Hotel, The London Rd, Marks Tey 01206-210001
Mullberry Tree Travel Inn Braintree By-pass, Braintree 01376-340914
Nags Head, The Market Place, Braintree 01376-323348
Old Court Hotel, The 31, Bradford St, Braintree 01376-321444
Old House, The 11, Bradford St, Braintree 01376-550457
Railway Hotel, The South St, Braintree 01376-348044
Spread Eagle Hotel, The Newland St, Witham 01376-511097
Travel Inn Braintree Bypass, Galleys Corner, Braintree 01376-340914
White Hart Hotel Bocking End, Braintree 01376-321401
White Hart Hotel 13, Market End, Coggeshall 01376-561654
White Hart Hotel Newland St, Witham 01376-512245


Guest Houses

Bunting, Robert Highfield Farm, Maldon Rd, Kelvedon 01376-570334
Gantway House 77-79, High St, Braintree 01376-349044
White Heather Guest House 19, Colchester Rd, Coggeshall 01376-563004


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