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These are some of the Restaurants in Witham or within a 15 min drive

Am..American Chin...Chinese F/F..Fast Food Fr...French F&C...Fish and Chips
Gr...Greek Ind...Indian Int...International It...Italian Keb...Kebab
Mex...Mexican Pub...Pub food Piz...Pizza T/a...Take Away Thai...Thai



Al Pacino Restaurant 17 Manor St, Braintree 01376-340264 It
Baumanns Brasserie 4-6 Stoneham St, Coggeshall 01376-561453  
Bow Bells 9 Sandpit Lane, Braintree 01376-320685  
Cock, The Beazley End, Near Braintree 01371-850566 Pub
Compasses Inn & Barn Restaurant Pattiswick, Near Braintree 01376-561322 Pub
Crofters Bistro & Wine Bar 25 Maldon Rd, Witham 01376-511068  
Curry Palace 28 Fairfield Rd, Braintree 01376-320083 Ind & T/a
Dhaka Brasserie 101 Newland St, Witham 01376-517300 Ind
Dragon Inn 7 Fairfield Rd, Braintree 01376-341429 Chin & T/a
Du Mauriers Restaurant 34 New St, Braintree 01376-345615 Fr
Eastern View, The 12 Market Hill, Coggeshall 01376-563057  
Flowerpot, The The Dutch Nursery, West St, Coggeshall 01376-562732  
Fowlers Farm Galleys Corner, Cressing Rd, Braintree 01376-555041  
Home Cookin 6 New St, Braintree 01376-322495  
Indian Cottage, The 98 High St, Kelvedon 01376-571088  
International, The Railway St, Braintree 01376-322009 Viet & Chin
Jack and Jenny 113 Hatfield Rd, Witham 01376-512159 Pub
KFC Unit 3b, Braintree Rd, Braintree 01376-323900  
La Piazza Italian Restaurant & Pizzaria 44, Rayne Rd, Braintree 01376-342593 It
Lian 5 Newland St, Witham 01376-510684 Chin
Little Chef A12 Northbound, Rivenhall, Witham 01376-570968 F/F
Majestic, The 24-26 Coggeshall Rd, Braintree 01376-331900 Ind
Malones Diner Weavers Cottage, 44, South St, Braintree 01376-322666 Am
McDonalds Restaurant Cressing Rd, Braintree 01376-329375 F/F
Mulberry Tree Braintree by-pass, Braintree 01376-340690  
New Brewers Fayre Braintree Rd, Witham 01376-502282  
New Fountain House, The 130 High St, Braintree 01376-322029  
Oysters 22 Coggeshall Rd, Braintree 01376-551035 F&C & T/a
Pizza Express Freeport Retail Village, Charter Way, Braintree 01376-528789 It
Pizza Place, The 1 Bocking End, Braintree 01376-346506 Piz
Pullman, The Jeffreys Rd, Cressing, Braintree 01376-326536  
Retreat, The 42 Church St, Braintree 01376-347947  
Ria Peking Malaysian Cuisine 16 Newland St, Witham 01376-511049 Chin
Rolling Pins 1 Guithavon St, Witham 01376-515977  
Saling Oak Blake End, Rayne 01376-322623  
Starburger 11 Newland St, Witham 01376-515357 F/F
Swan Inn, The Coggeshall Rd, Bradwell 01376-562111  
Tandoori Cottage 17 The Street, Rayne, Braintree 01376-322290 Ind
Wimpy International Ltd 11 Bank St, Braintree 01376-324422 F/F
Woolpack, The 91 Church St, Coggeshall 01376-561235  
Ye Olde Horn Barn Unit 68A, 2, High St, Braintree 01376-552021  


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