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Various facilities in Harwich or within a 30 Min drive


Ben Charles Golf Unit 16a, Cowdray Centre, Colchester 01206-369268
Birch Grove Golf Club Layer Rd, Colchester 01206-734276
Clacton on Sea Golf Club West Rd, Clacton on Sea 01255-421919
Colchester & Lexden Golf Centre Bakers Lane, Colchester 01206-843333
Colchester Golf Club Braiswick 01206-853396
Colchester Golf Range Old Ipswich Rd, Ardleigh 01206-230974
Essex Golf & Country Club; The Earls Colne, Colchester 01787-224466
Frinton Golf Club 1, The Esplanade, Frinton on Sea 01255-674618
Harwich & Dovercourt Golf Club Station Rd, Parkeston, Harwich 01255-503616
Leremore, S.J. Clacton Golf Club, West Rd, Clacton on Sea 01255-426304
Millers Barn Golf Club Jaywick Lane, Clacton on Sea 01255-424826


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