Pets etc


Aquaria & Ponds

Betta Aquatics The Barn, Colchester Rd, Elmstead 01206-824376
Colchester Aquatics 16, Crouch St, Colchester 01206-540038
Dolphin Aquatics Cannock Mill, Old Heath Rd, Colchester 01206-794387
Dovercourt Aquatics 176 High St, Harwich 01255-240098
Pond Life Poplar Nursery, Coggeshall Rd, Marks Tey 01206-212310
Seapets 1, Tollgate, Colchester 01206-764777
Swallow Aquatics 342, London Rd, Colchester 01206-210360
Water Garden and Pond Centre Clacton Rd, Elmstead, Wivenhoe 01206-822235
Water Gardener; The Thorpe Rd, Little Clacton 01255-861919
Whitwell R J 11 Lexden Rd, West Bergholt 01206-240223


Dog Training




Pet Boarding

Ardleigh Boarding Cattery Green Lane, Ardleigh, Colchester 01206-231184
Beechwood Luxury Cattery Moor Rd, Langham, Colchester 01206-272937
Blackbrooks Boarding Kennels & Cattery Ipswich Rd, Dedham 01206-322284
Bobtails Kennels and Cattery Surrey Lodge, Frowick Lane, St Osyth 01255-820726
Brightlingsea Boarding Kennels and Cattery Colt House, Folkards Lane, Brightlingsea 01206-303220
Broomfield Orchard Cattery Crown Lane, Tendring 01255-830130
Catlins Cattery Evergreens, Bromley Rd, Elmstead 01206-825200
Chestnut Farm Cattery Abberton Rd, Layer De La haye 01206-734546
Copford Cattery 130 School Rd, Copford, Colchester 01206-210273
Damyons 301 London Rd, Marks Tey, Colchester 01206-210592
Deepfleet Boarding and Training Kennels Sparrows Farm, Sparrows Corner, Gt Oakley, Harwich 01255-880219
Fairacres Cattery Harts Lane, Ardleigh, Colchester 01206-230328
Friars Farm Kennels and Cattery Halstead Rd, Fordham, Colchester 01206-240204
Great Holland Luxury Boarding Cattery Pantiles, Pork Lane, Great Holland, Frinton on Sea 01255-677424
Greenacre Boarding Cattery Carrington Rd, Great Bromley, Colchester 01206-230438
Hilltop Boarding Kennels The Rising, Tenpenny Hill, Colchester Rd, Thorrington 01206-250021
Hiskeys Farm Kennels Spratts Lane, Little Bromley, Colchester 01206-395657
Holly Nook Boarding Cattery London Rd, Great Horksley, Colchester 01206-271027
Langenhoe Cattery Mersea Rd, Langenhoe, Colchester 01206-735955
Lexden Kennels and Cattery Warren Lane, Stanway, Colchester 01206-330332
Meadow Cottage Boarding Cattery Meadow Cottage, London Rd, Clacton on Sea 01255-479103
Orchard Boarding Cattery Orchard Cottage, Little Bromley Rd, Little Bentley, Colchester 01206-397096
Pensoomis Pet Hotel Ardleigh Rd, Lt Bromley 01206-393527
Saxon Lodge Saxon Lodge, Colchester Rd, Weeley 01255-830210
Sherbro House Kennels Main Rd, Alresford, Colchester 01206-825781
Wheatsheaf Kennels 41 Straight Rd, Boxted, Colchester 01206-272245


Pet Shops & Pet Supplies

Bedding Box, The Three Way Plough Corner, Weeley Rd, Little Clacton 01255-861936
Birds R Us Ltd within garden centre, Brightlingsea Rd, Thorrington 01206-302009
Clacton Pet Stores 10, Jackson Rd, Clacton on Sea 01255-423834
Clacton Reptiles 121, Old Rd, Clacton on Sea 01255-427618
Colchester Pet Stores 10, St John Rd, Colchester 01206-572904
Direct Animal Feeds Unit 3, Colchester Main Rd, Alresford 01206-827035
Doggie Style 101, Woodlands Close, Clacton on Sea 01255-479044
Elmstead Pets within Rolts Garden Centre, Clacton Rd, Elmstead 01206-827095
Farnells Pet Supplies 37, Lee Rd, Dovercourt 01255-554844
Gee Jays Pet Mart Clacton Covered Market, Rosemary Rd, Clacton on Sea 01255-431433
Holand Pet Shop & Garden Supplies 69, Frinton Rd, Holland on Sea 01255-815772
JD Pets 200, Burrs Rd, Clacton on Sea 01255-422091
Kaywoods Pet Supplies 135, Old Rd, Clacton on Sea 01255-475617
LMT Pet Foods 6, High St, Clacton on Sea 01255-224155
LMT Pet Foods 12, Triangle Shopping Centre, Frinton on Sea 01255-674329
Marks Tey Petfoods Cash & Carry 90, Coggeshall Rd, Marks Tey 01206-210153
Marriages Pet Foods & Animal Foods Cowdray Centre, Cowdray Ave, Colchester 01206-544383
Oscar Pet Foods Pightle Lodge, Colchester Rd, Great Bromley 01206-231883
Pet Paks 12b, St Johns Rd, Clacton on Sea 01255-424805
Pet Pantry 31, Rosemary Rd, Clacton on Sea 01255-424064
Pet Shop, The 7, Short Wyre St, Colchester 01206-574100
Petsmart Unit C Colne View Retail Park, Cowdray Ave, Colchester 01206-762764
Romadorns 43, The Street, Little Clacton 01255-860121
Seapets 1, Tollgate, Colchester 01206-764777
Toms Pets 166a, Old Rd, Clacton on Sea 01255-479944
Village Garden, The 11, Broadway, Jaywick Vilage 01255-430020





Anita D James MRCVS St. Runwalds Sugery 94a Maldon Rd, Colchester 01206-572173
Ark Veterinary Centre 14 Church Lane, Lexden, Colchester 01206-572410
Bergholt Rd, Veterinary Clinic 81 Bergholt Rd, Colchester 01206-851338
Blackwater Veterinary Surgery Queens Corner, 2 Mill Rd, West Mersea 01206-384999
Colne Valley Veterinary Practice Off Maudlyn Way, The Hythe, Colchester 01206-794695
Colne Valley Veterinary Practice The Bungalow, Colchester Rd, Wivenhoe 01206-826287
Haven Veterinary Practice  35 Holland Rd, Clacton On Sea 01255-422150
Haven Veterinary Practice  Veterinary Surgery, Elm Tree Avenue, Frinton On Sea  01255-850456
Highcliff Veterinary Practice Factory Lane, Cattawade, Colchester 01206-391511
James Anita St.Runwalds Surgery, 94a Maldon Rd, Colchester 01206-572173
Kinfauns Veterinary Centre The Street, Little Clacton, Clacton On Sea  01255-860555
Kinfauns Veterinary Group 17a Dean St, Brightlingsea 01255-303070
Kinfauns Veterinary Group 14 Oakley Rd, Dovercourt, Harwich 01255-503807
Nobilvet 168 Old Rd, Clacton On Sea  01255-220433
Paton And Lee Rouses Farm, Stoke By Nayland, Colchester 01206-262371
Penrose And Partners Peelers End Upper St, Stratford St.Mary, Colchester 01206-323414
Penrose And Partners Veterinary Surgery, 70 Brinkley Lane, Highwoods, Colchester 01206-842608
Penrose Partners 70 Brinkley Lane, Highwoods, Colchester 01206-842608
Pets To Vets Chelsea Cottage, The Street, Little Clacton  01255-860651


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