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daysoff Guide to Essex - Reasons For Our Existance page

daysoff Guide to Essex - Reasons For Our Existance page



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This site tries to be a guide to Essex towns, with a little history, a little geography, a little background, a few links and a lot of ideas for what to do on those days (or evenings) off. It also has suggestions for those visiting the area, such as where to stay and how to get around.

It is aimed at those who, like myself, need to visit a strange town for a few days and need to kill some time in the evenings or on the weekend. It is also intended for those who already live here but would like to do something different once in a while. It is gathered from our own experiences, many local directories, local libraries, books, tourist offices, tourist guides and of course the internet. The area codes are included with all telephone numbers. (Dial code into UK is +44 then leave off the leading zero of the area code)



COULD YOU WRITE a short item (200 - 300 words or so) on one of the major towns of Essex - similar to the ones on Braintree or Colchester. We need information on History, Geography, local heroes such as famous pop groups, explorers, inventors etc. It does mean a little research, but we have learnt a lot about these towns while doing ours. SORRY we cannot pay you, but we will append your name to it at the end of the article. Just write in a word processor format and then copy and paste it, along with your name and e-mail address, into the Reply Form.

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