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Please don't drink and then drive home - There are many taxi firms nearby



These are some of the pubs in Colchester, or within a short drive.

Sadly I have not visited them all. (nearly 160 pubs !!)

Abbey Arms St Johns Green, Colchester 01206-579884
Adnans 14, Magdalen St, Colchester 01206-575737
Albion, The High St, Rowhedge 01206-728972
Alma, The Copford Green, Copford 01206-210607
Anchor Inn, 9, Station Rd, Tiptree 01621-815248
Anchor Inn, The High St, Rowhedge 01206-728328
Anchor Inn, The The Heath, Dedham 01206-323131
Anchor, The Upper St, Stratford St Mary 01206-322143
Anchor, The Harwich Rd, Mistley 01206-393551
Ancient Briton 17, Iceni Way, Colchester 01206-540986
Angel Hotel, The St Marys Square, Kelvedon 01376-570445
Angel Inn Maldon Rd,Heckford Bridge 01206-330225
Artillery Man, The 56, Artillery St, Colchester 01206-798024
Beehive Inn, The 113, Bromley Rd, Colchester 01206-863667
Beehive, The Foxhall Fields, East Bergholt 01206-298298
Beehive, The School Rd, Little Horkesley 01206-271610
Beerhouse, The 126, Magdalen St, Colchester 01206-792642
Bell Inn, The 2, Fingerinhoe Rd, Colchester 01206-500928
Bell Inn, The The Street, Feering 01376-570375
Black Bouy Inn Black Bouy Hill, Wivenhoe 01206-822425
Black Boy, The Thorpe Rd, Weeley 01255-830361
Black Horse Inn, The Lower St, Stratford St Mary 01206-323112
Blue Boar Hotel 3-7, Kendall Rd, Colchester 01206-792235
Bowling Green, The Clacton Rd, Elmstead 01206-822598
Brewers Arms, The 31, Osborne St, Colchester 01206-570080
Brewers Arms, The 1, Victoria Place, Brightlingsea 01206-302028
Brick and Tile, The Halstead Rd, Eight Ash Green 01206-540468
Bricklayers Arms, The Rectory Rd, Little Bentley 01206-250405
Bricklayers, The 27, Bergolt Rd, Colchester 01206-852008
British Grenadier, The 67, Military Rd, Colchester 01206-500933
Brittannia, The 42, Meyrick Cresent, Colchester 01206-574391
Bull Hotel 4, Crouch St, Colchester 01206-572892
Cambridge Arms, The 94, Military Rd, Colchester 01206-577866
Carriers Arms Heath Rd, East Bergholt 01206-298392
Castle Inn, The 92, High St, Colchester 01206-563988
Chequers, The The Street, Great Tey 01206-210814
Cherry Tree Inn Mersea Rd, Blackheath 01206-564018
Cherry Tree Inn, The 29, Church Rd, Brightlingsea 01206-302713
Clarence, The Trinity St, Colchester 01206-574550
Clarendon Inn, The 6, Harwich Rd, Colchester 01206-860359
Cock Inn, The The Green, Polstead 01206-263150
Coopers Arms Ford St, Aldham, Colchester 01206-241177
Cowdray, The Cowdray Centre, Cowdray Ave 01206-540654
Cricketers, The Spring Lane, Fordham Heath 01206-240666
Cross Inn, The Ardleigh Rd, Great Bromley 01206-230282
Crown Hotel 51, High St, Manningtree 01206-396333
Crown Inn, The Cattawade St, Cattawade 01206-392800
Crown Inn, The 235, Lexden Rd, Colchester 01206-572071
Crown Inn, The Old Ipswich Rd, Ardleigh 01206-233021
Crown Inn, The Lodge Rd, Messing 01621-815575
Cups, The 2-3, Trinity St, Colchester 01206-766506
Dog & Pheasant East Rd, East Mersea 01206-383206
Dog & Pheasant 24, Nayland Rd, Mile End 01206-852427
Donkey & Buskins High Rd, Layer de la Haye 01206-734774
Dragoon, The 82, Butt Rd, Colchester 01206-573464
Drury Arms 1, Layer Rd, Colchester 01206-575757
Faunus & Firkin, The 128, High St, Colchester 01206-564367
Flag Inn, The Flag Hill, Great Bentley 01255-820233
Flag Inn, The Colchester Rd, Wivenhoe 01206-822830
Flying Fox, The 216, Harwich Rd, Colchester 01206-500032
Foresters Arms, The Castle Rd, Colchester 01206-542646
Foundry Arms, The 83, Artillery St, Colchester 01206-790183
Fox & Fiddler, The St Johns St, Colchester 01206-560545
Fox & Hounds Bentley Rd, Little Bromley 01206-397415
Fox, The East Rd, West Mersea 01206-383391
Freemasons Arms Church St, Rowhedge 01206-728477
Friar, The St Christopher St, Colchester 01206-843402
Goat & Boot Inn 70, East Hill, Colchester 01206-867466
Grapes, The 87, Mersea Rd, Colchester 01206-544035
Greyhound, The 62, High St, Wivenhoe 01206-825573
Half Butt Inn, The Nayland Rd, Great Horksley 01206-271202
Hare & Hounds Heath Rd, East Bergholt 01206-298438
Hare & Hounds, The The Heath, Layer Breton 01206-330459
Hedgerows Clacton Rd, Horsley Cross 01206-395585
Hole in the Wall, The Balkerne Hill, Colchester 01206-760331
Horse & Groom Inn, The 53, The Cross, Wivenhoe 01206-824928
Hospital Arms, the 123-125, Crouch St, Colchester 01206-573572
House Without a Name Easthorpe Rd, Easthorpe 01206-213070
Kings Arms 61-63, Crouch St, Colchester 01206-572886
Kings Arms Wignal St, Lawford, Manningtree 01206-392758
Kings Arms Clacton Rd, Elmstead 01206-822579
Kings Arms, The Kelvedon Rd, Tiptree 01621-817737
Kings Arms, The 10, Colchester Rd, St Osyth 01255-821156
Kings Head Inn Burnt Oak, East Bergholt 01206-298190
Kings Head, The 41, Victoria Place, Brightlingsea 01206-304323
Langenhoe Lion, The Mersea Rd, Langenhoe 01206-735263
Lion Inn, The The Street, Ardleigh 01206-230083
Lion, The Honey Tye, Leavenheath 01206-263434
Little Crown , The 12, Short Wyre St, Colchester 01206-575469
Live and Let Live Millers Lane, Stanway 01206-574071
Lord Denham Beckford Rd, Mistley 01206-392944
Maltsters, The Haven Rd, Colchester 01206-861944
Market Tavern 117, High St, Colchester 01206-570674
Molly Malones 4, St. Botolphs Circus, Colchester 01206-571763
New Inn, The 36, Chapel St South, Colchester 01206-575277
Norfolk, The 132, North Station Rd, Colchester 01206-545257
Odd One Out 28, Mersea Rd, Colchester 01206-578140
Old Anchor, The 132, Feering Hill, Feering 01376-570469
Old Black Boy Harwich Rd, Great Bromley 01206-250322
Old King Cole, The 160, Ipswich Rd, Colchester 01206-867130
Old Queens Head Ford St, Aldham 01206-241584
Oliver Twist, The 25, Military Rd, Colchester 01206-562453
Park Hotel 140, High St, Wivenhoe 01206-822424
Peldon Rose Inn, The Colchester Rd, Peldon 01206-735248
Playhouse, The 4, St. Johns St, Colchester 01206-571003
Plough Inn, The Plough Rd, Great Bentley 01206-250563
Plough, The Lower Rd, Peldon 01206-735808
Pointer Inn, The Wivenhoe Rd, Alresford 01206-822866
Prettygate, The The Commons, Colchester 01206-573060
Prince Of Wales 86, London Rd, Marks Tey 01206-210317
Prince of Wales, The Kelvedon Rd, Inworth 01376-570813
Queens Free House, The Berechurch Rd, Colchester 01206-767768
Queens Head Queens Rd, West Bergholt 01206-240394
Railway Tavern 182, High St, Kelvedon 01376-570293
Red Lion , The 130, Coggeshall Rd, Marks Tey 01206-210293
Red Lion Inn, The The Street, East Bergholt 01206-298332
Red Lion, The South St, Manningtree 01206-395052
Red Lion, The Clacton Rd, Thorrington 01206-250664
Robin Hood 45, Osborne St, Colchester 01206-576854
Rose & Crown 23-25, D'Arcy Rd, Tiptree 01621-815282
Rose & Crown The Quay, Wivenhoe 01206-826371
Rose & Crown Crown St, Dedham 01206-322197
Rose & Crown Nayland Rd, Great Horksley 01206-271251
Royal Mortar 120, Military Rd, Colchester 01206-790214
Royal Oak East End, East Bergholt 01206-298221
Royal, The 65, Butt Rd, Colchester 01206-577990
Shepherd and Dog Inn Moor Rd, Langham 01206-272711
Ship, The 152, Maldon Rd, Tiptree 01621-817967
Silver Oyster, The Queen Elizabeth Way, Monkwick 01206-577320
Skinners Arms, The Station Rd, Lawford 01206-393658
Smugglers Inn, The 82, Sydney St, Brightlingsea 01255-307318
Snooty Fox, The Frating Rd, Great Bromley 01206-251065
Spinnaker, The Hythe Quay, Colchester 01206-793176
Station Hotel 27, Station Rd, Wivenhoe 01255-822991
Stockwell Arms, The West Stockwell St, Colchester 01206-575560
Sun Inn, The Feering Hill, Feering 01376-570442
Sun, The 112, Lexden Rd, Colchester 01206-574327
Swan Inn, The Lower St, Stratford St Mary 01206-322164
Swan, The 285, London Rd, Stanway 01206-210252
Three Horseshoes, The 74, Church Rd, Fordham 01206-240195
Treble Tile Colchester Rd, West Bergholt 01206-241712
Twisters Cafe Bar 45, North Hill, Colchester 01206-500204
Victoria Inn 10, North Station Rd, Colchester 01206-575626
Victory Hotel 92, Coast Rd, West Mersea 01206-382907
Waffles Bar 24, East St, Colchester 01206-870967
Waggon & Horses New Rd, Mistley 01206-393411
Waggon & Horses 66, North Hill, Colchester 01206-574351
Walnut Tree, The Fingerinhoe Rd, Rowhedge 01206-728149
Welshwood, The Fox St, Ardleigh 01206-864011
Whalebone Chapel Rd, Fingeringhoe 01206-729307
White Hart Hotel, The 1, High St, West Mersea 01206-382865
White Hart, The 9, High St, Manningtree 01206-392768
White Hart, The Nayland Rd, West Bergholt 01206-240331
White Hart, The 11, High St, Nayland 01206-263382
Wig and Fidgett Straight Rd, Boxted 01206-272227
Yates's Wine Lodge 1-3, Head St, Colchester 01206-710471
Ye Olde Marquis 25, North Hill, Colchester 01206-577630
Yew Tree The Causeway, Great Horkesley 01206-271747


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