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Colchester is on the River Colne. The modern A12 road now by-passes the town going south-west to north-east. The A120 runs west to east and is now the same road as the A12 as it by-passes the town.

The population is over 140,000



Colchester is Englands oldest recorded town. There was a settlement here before it was captured by the Romans, in AD43, who named it Camulodunum. It was briefly liberated by Queen Boudicca until it was recaptured and became one of the chief towns of Roman Britain. The Saxons made it a stronghold, called Colneceaster, until the Norman invasion of 1066. In 1189 it gained its first Royal Charter from Richard I. This gave it the right of local government. During the Middle Ages it was a thriving port, and during the 16th century Flemish Protestants settled there establishing textile trades.


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